Our success, is our happy and satisfied client – this is the most positive promotion an organization can achieve.


We believe in loyalty. We are loyal to you.

Our inspiration is bringing values. We bring additional values to your community of operation.

Happiness, is giving more than you get. We are happy, because we deliver much more.

We trust in fairness and we implement it with our partners and other stakeholders.

All this, is You and Us!

Together, we are Pointed – pointed means being distinctive. We happily accept the fact that people engaging with us get pointed out from the crowd, by adding values to themselves individually, or as a business community.

We bring the international experience and expertise in our home region.

  • Our Mission

To serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional services those address their business issues. We deliver superior financial results to the investment community while contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

Retaining our competitive edge through innovation is central to the way we operate and we are always looking to improve our business processes and services.

  • Our Goals:
  •  Integrity | We do the right thing regardless of the consequences.
  • Pursuit of Excellence | We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.
  • Accountability | We take responsibility for individual and collective actions.
  • Collaboration | We work together to achieve collective and individual goals.
  • Passion | Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.

PR/Marketing Services & Consultancies

Pointed Consulting is a Full Agency Partner for PR Consulting Services, Creation and Execution of Successful Campaigns.

We create, we manage and we change the reputation of an organization – and we can identify together with you which direction we will take together.

How we do that? – Well, it’s simple – professionals know better!

What do you do? – you come to us and meet, tell us your concerns.

What do we do? – guarantee for your objective’s achievement! We are linked with the best international PR agencies and PR professionals, how can we lack success?

As a top public relations consulting agency, Pointed Consulting is more than a PR firm. We provide ongoing PR consulting and counsel and offer integrated PR and marketing services that build the brand reputation and we also offer real solutions to business challenges. We possess a well-designed and executed PR program as a strategic communications tool that we use to help companies of any size build brand visibility and support growth and success.

One of the most valuable assets that we create for clients is content. Our content development and marketing experience ranges from reputation management, branding, PR campaigns, marketing of products and services.


  • Reputation management
    • We know that different businesses and individuals have distinct reputation management needs. Our staff researched and reviewed dozens of reputation management services, and came up with the ones we think are best for both businesses and individuals.  We offer reputation management services for both businesses and individuals.
  • Branding & Brand management
    • One of the top reputation management services is Brand Yourself. Brand Yourself is a unique model that gives clients the ability to manage their reputation online on their own, with some guidance from the company’s experts, as well as other subscriptions at reasonable prices that give clients varying degrees of control over the service.
    • This is a mix of the theory, tools and techniques of branding and brand management to analyze and evaluate brands and manage them for maximum effectiveness; providing a thorough grounding in the principles of branding and brand management. It will enable you to examine the different approaches and critically appraise the range of theories and frameworks in the light of current practice and strategic developments.
  • Strategy for campaigns & events
    • To plan a campaign, we need to think through why you are engaging in it – how are you going to conduct it and how will you position your different forces? Our recommendation is, if your campaign is planned and implemented properly, you will succeed! There are few things more satisfying in public relations than winning a campaign. There are many different types of PR campaign, from long-term perception changing and raising awareness to short-term product launches and events. Regardless of the type of your campaign, all of them require good planning to focus effort, improve effectiveness, encourage a long-term view within the organization, manage conflicting priorities and keep the campaign proactive.
    • Two key elements of campaigns and events are the strategy and the tactics. But simply, we need to know where the organization is at the moment before you can decide where you want it to be.
    • We identify the public relations strategy more than just sending a press release to the media. We do the whole works, from churning out story angles, determining which media and influencers to approach, identifying your key messages, design an offline and online campaign to go with it and a press conference, if necessary.
  • Marketing of products & services
    • Pointed Consulting offers a full range of marketing services tailored to a client’s business objectives. From strategic message development to ensure all content is on-target, to speaking and media opportunities that promote executive visibility and build thought leadership, we work to get the word out in a way that highlights what is different, innovative, and authentic.
    • We know how to get the results you want and are constantly monitoring industry trends and shifts.

Our team is composed of senior-level public relations consultants with editorial and creative skills that have been built over years of delivering PR services to top businesses and brands, from established companies to early-stage enterprises. We thrive on helping our clients make the audiences who matter most, like customers, partners, and employees.

High-quality content can create visibility, build reputation, and even change opinions or behaviors.

We inspire through our innovative ideas, experience and connections for success. We want to educate, inform and motivate the others to be innovative. We embrace the power of public relations services to impact your business and move your customer to act.

To establish awareness and solve your issues is the reason we love what we do and achieve the expected results. At the end of each service we assure the report for our well-done work, as for the achieved results, by or mechanisms for measuring results.

Planned PR is the most effective PR! We do it for you!

Pricelist can be sent to you on demand! Contact us here!

Corporate Event Management

You want your event to be a unique memorable experience? -Have confidence and it will be solved by our trained team.

An end-to-end service that starts and finishes where you want it to.

It is our responsibility to make it happen-the way you want it and even better, you have to worry only for one single meeting with our Event Manager and…Voila, all is set!

You have all in one with us, kind of a one-stop shop. – We can take care for one segment only, or simultaneously for many of them if you wish.

Conferences/ Trainings/ Presentations/ Discussion table


Ordinary business dinners/Gala dinners/Receptions



  • Renting our own premises
  • Event Management
  • PR/Marketing of the event
  • Finding of venue
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation and travel
  • Delegate registration and management
  • Onsite event management
  • Theming and Décor
  • Audio visual provision
  • Catering
  • Speakers
  • Entertainment
  • Attendee feedback
  • Management reports

Imagine, we even have good acceptable prices for the services. Contact Us!

Pricelist cannot be attached, as it is all a matter of what you need from us – but we guarantee, it will be less expensive than when you would arrange it yourself!

Training & Development

If you like to foster growth and development for your own performance, or the performance of your

company, in order to be ready to accept greater challenges – We have the solution! – Pointed

Consulting provides different training delivery methods according to your needs.

Training and development programs are a base to build new knowledge and skills for innovation,

improving the quality of products and services for an organization.


If you analyze it, our trainings and development methods will bring you many benefits by:

  • enhancing trainees morale, motivation, and creativity
  • enabling managers to reach unit goals and objectives
  • giving trainees the needed skills and knowledge to complete assigned jobs, duties and tasks
  • motivating trainees to achieve higher standards
  •  increasing overall efficiency

“Practice is the hardest part of learning and the training is the essence of transformation”

Print and Design

Pointed Consulting is focused to create and deliver quality and innovative print and design solutions, which proves the value of the company and the quality of services offered.

Our company identifies the promotions options that reach your target market and determine the advertising solutions that meet your goals especially your audience.

We design, print all materials which provide you with consistency, convenience and cost effective solutions for your marketing needs.


By forming strong relationships with our clients and associates and by offering high quality services, we certify our company success, because we always remember that your positive feedback IS OUR PROMOTION.

We offer for you:

  • Logo creations
  • Corporate guidelines
  • Business card
  • Letterheads
  • Custom made ( envelopes, company profiles, brochures and flyers (online & print)
  • Other materials


We have developed all four pillars of our business together with the best from the industry international partners. Therefore we bring the international experience and expertise in our home region.

PR/Marketing Services & Consultancies
Corporate Event Management
Training & Development
Print and Design
XPointed Consultants




XPointed Consultants
XPointed Consultants
XPointed Consultants
XPointed Consultants
XPointed Consultants
XPointed Consultants
XPointed Consultants
XPointed Consultants


We call them our friends , since they give us their unconditional support through their experiences and state-of-arts proved expertise. They give us the incomparable value, to make us proudly distinctive.

We push ourselves to move forward, resulting in learning solutions that translate seamlessly into the workplace and deliver more than the original intent.

The support we receive from our experts testified in their career as ones the finest in the areas they are engaged in, keeps us always updated to follow the newest trends and the latest and the newest development, thereby undetected and adding value to what we offer, and above all to build a partnership based on reliability and quality with our customers.

Pointed Consultants
Pointed Consultants
Pointed Consultants
Pointed Consultants
Pointed Consultants
Pointed Consultants
Pointed Consultants
Pointed Consultants
Pointed Consultants



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